"Guardian Angels Elim Hospice, Cambridge location supported my father with compassion, respect, and patience. All individuals that came into our home had a very gentle approach with my father. I'm grateful to the hospice team for all they did for my family. Thank you all!"

"Guardian Angels is a great organization and they are all nice people."

"They were always kind and understanding to my husband's needs. Very friendly and on time and took time to explain to him his condition and what was happening."

"We were very pleased with the help and support of the hospice team. Each one encouraged and supported us every step of the way. It was a beautiful experience to care for my mother during her last days of life and Guardian Angels hospice workers made it possible. Thank you so much."

"Guardian Angels is the proper name for this company because that is exactly what they were. Always reassuring me and my husband, and still providing me, with after his death, support 100%. Couldn't have done this without them."

"Hospice was wonderful to my husband and family. He called them his Angels. I will never forget them."

"Martha was in the Care Center with heart failure. She was nervous about returning home, as she required daily weights, blood pressure and oxygen checks as well as assistance with bathing and therapy for weakness. The home health nurse worked collaboratively with Martha and taught her how to manage her chronic condition. She learned how to manage her oxygen and medications as well as notice signs and symptoms related to her heart failure. If necessary, Martha learned when she should notify her physician of changes in symptoms. In a few short weeks, Martha gained confidence, independence, strength and knowledge to self-manage her chronic condition and prevented re-hospitalization. Thanks to Home Care services, Martha is able to remain safe, independent and successful... at home.”